Young Justice 80-Page Giant (1999-) #1

Eighty pages of YOUNG JUSTICE action by some of your favorite creators! Featuring: “FIRST MEMORY,” “THE O.K. CORRAL,” “NOSFERATU TO YOU TOO” and “ROCK ’EM SOCK ’EM…ROBOT?”

Written By:
Chuck Dixon, Lary Stucker, Peter J. Tomasi, Peter David, James M. Faerber, Beau Smith
Ryan Sook, Tommy Lee Edwards, Justiniano, Sergio Cariello, Dietrich Smith, Keron Grant
Andy Lanning, Sean Parsons, Keith Champagne, Lary Stucker, Jaime Mendoza, Tommy Lee Edwards, Kevin Conrad, Caleb Salstrom, Jeff Gan
Cover By:
Wayne Faucher, Todd Klein, T. Horie, Humberto Ramos