In the latest collection of Marv Wolfman’s seminal run on The New Teen Titans, the team faces a new threat-the Hybrid, a bizarre team created by former superhero Steve Dayton! The threats continue as Brother Blood returns, and the Titans fight the Brotherhood of Evil in Zandia! Can the team rescue Nightwing and Raven in time? Collects Tales of the Teen Titans #84-88, The New Teen Titans #24-31, and The New Teen Titans Annual #2.

Written By: Marv Wolfman John Byrne Paul Levitz Pencils: Eduardo Barreto John Byrne Kerry Gammill James Baikie Inks: Eduardo Barreto Romeo Tanghal James Baikie José L. García López Cover By: Rick Bryant John Kalisz Dick Giordano Eduardo Barreto John Byrne Romeo Tanghal Bob Wiacek Ed Hannigan Steve Lightle Kerry Gammill Mike Collins Jonathan Peterson José L. García López