Legion Worlds #6

Tinya Wazzo, the former Legionnaire known as Apparition, is on the run from mercenaries hired by her domineering mother. When they track Tinya to Rimbor, the homeworld of her late husband, Jo Nah (the lost Legionnaire Ultra Boy), Tinya is in no condition to make a last stand against her pursuers. Fortunately, she's befriended a "lone wolf" of sorts along the way, and he doesn't like having his back against the wall! In the backup story (with art by Mike McKone & Andy Lanning), we go back one year in the past, to the memorial service for the Lost Legionnaires, and learn what prompted the remaining heroes to disband the Legion.

Written By:
Andy Lanning, Dan Abnett
Michael McKone, Kilian Plunkett
Marlo Alquiza, Kilian Plunkett
Cover By:
T. Horie, John Cassaday