Discover how Vulko navigates the stormy waters of politics in the new Atlantis! Plus, the sea changes in Atlantean society since 'The Obsidian Age' have unexpected consequences, and Profile Pages detail the history of Aquaman, his new powers, his friends, and his foes! NOTE: the 'Family Ties' story is not included here.

Written By:
Rick Veitch, Steve Conley
Tom Nguyen, P. Craig Russell, Michael Kaluta, Darryl Banks, Carlos Pacheco, Norm Breyfogle, Sal Velluto, Yvel Guichet, Rob Haynes, John Totleben, Peter Pachoumis
Tom Nguyen, P. Craig Russell, Mark Propst, Michael Kaluta, Jesus Merino, Dennis Janke, Aaron Sowd, Rob Haynes, John Totleben, Bob Almond, Bob Petrecca
Cover By:
Alex Maleev