Sins of Youth' part 3 of 12, continued from SUPERBOY #74. This extra-length special offers everything a reader could want to know about the early days of Young Justice, all leading up to the events of the ongoing 'Sins of Youth!' Continued in SINS OF YOUTH: AQUABOY AND LAGOON MAN.

Written By:

Geoff Johns Scott Beatty Lary Stucker James M. Faerber Ben Raab Jim Alexander


Todd Nauck Mike S. Miller Matt Haley Scott Kolins Drew Johnson Michael Avon Oeming Georges Jeanty Cary Nord Tom Grummett Justiniano Lee Moder Norm Breyfogle Sunny Lee


Rachel Dodson Norm Rapmund Rob Stull Dan Panosian Keith Champagne Cully Hamner Terry Austin Wade von Grawbadger Cam Smith Karl Story Dan Davis Mark Lipka Ray Snyder Jaime Mendoza Michael Avon Oeming Danny Miki Walden Wong Scott Koblish Justiniano Norm Breyfogle David Hahn

Cover By:

Todd Nauck Lary Stucker