The WorldStorm has been unleashed, and this special edition will help fans get up to speed! Jackson King is putting together a list of candidates for his new division of Stormwatch - the Post-Human Division. The only problem is Stormwatch is a far cry from the organization it once was. Plus! Biographical information on WorldStorm teams and characters: The Authority, Wildcats, Gen13, Deathblow, Midnighter and Wetworks. This is a book no WildStorm fan will want to miss!

Written By:

Gail Simone Christos N. Gage


Ryan Benjamin Gene Ha Doug Mahnke Dustin Nguyen Carlos D'Anda Chris Sprouse Neil Googe Talent Caldwell


Gene Ha Doug Mahnke Karl Story Saleem Crawford Carlos D'Anda Neil Googe Derek Fridolfs Matt "BATT" Banning

Cover By:

Art Adams