An 'Our Worlds at War' aftermath issue! The aftermath of the War and the toll it's taken on the heroes is examined in this grand finale to the epic event. The dead are buried as Superman tries to deal with what he's become. Guest-starring Wonder Woman, JLA, and Young Justice.

Written By:
Jeph Loeb
Todd Nauck, Doug Mahnke, Bill Sienkiewicz, Phil Jimenez, Mark Buckingham, Ed McGuinness, Duncan Rouleau, Yvel Guichet, Pasqual Ferry, Mike Wieringo
Wayne Faucher, Marlo Alquiza, Mark Morales, Cam Smith, Bill Sienkiewicz, Lary Stucker, Dexter Vines, Jose Marzan Jr., Walden Wong, Duncan Rouleau
Cover By:
Jose Villarrubia, Jae Lee