World's Finest Comics (1941-) #12

“THE MAN WHO STOLE A REPUTATION! ” Mild-mannered Lester Link, upset that he is squandering his life for a mere pittance, quits his job and declares to reporters Lois Lane and Clark Kent that he is the secret ruler of the underworld.

Written By:
Bill Finger, Whitney Ellsworth, Henry Boltinoff, Don Cameron, Jack Farr, Joe Simon
Hal Sherman, Henry Boltinoff, Cliff Young, Stan Kaye, Jack Farr, Dick Sprang, Joe Simon, Ira Yarbrough
Hal Sherman, George Roussos, Henry Boltinoff, Stan Kaye, Jack Farr, Dick Sprang, Steve Brodie, Marvin Stein
Cover By:
Jack Burnley