This ending is only the beginning… As part of Krypton’s science council, Jor-El wants nothing more than to guarantee the health and safety of all his planet’s people-but an opulent lifestyle has worn thin their resources. Will his position as leader of the House of El give him the power to enact changes that will buy society more time? Or will his boyhood friend Dru-Zod enforce austerity measures in a brutal show of raw power? Their personal struggle is played out on a global stage as the final days of their planet count down! Collects World of Krypton #1-6.

Written By: Robert Venditti Pencils: Michael Avon Oeming Inks: Michael Avon Oeming Cover By: Dave Johnson Marguerite Sauvage Mico Suayan Francesco Francavilla Darick Robertson Cat Staggs Annette Kwok Diego Rodriguez Aud Koch A. D'Amico