A landmark two-part celebration of Wonder Woman’s adventures begins, as an all-star lineup of creators asks, “Whatever happened to the Warrior of Truth?” After the events of Revenge of the Gods, Diana enters the caves of Themyscira’s Healing Island for a much-needed respite, but she emerges someplace unexpected…the fantastical dreams of her greatest allies and enemies! The startling visions lead directly to next month’s Wonder Woman #800 and new twists in the saga of the Amazing Amazon!

Written By:

Becky Cloonan Michael Conrad


Terry Dodson Juan Ferreyra Meghan Hetrick Alitha Martinez Paulina Ganucheau


Rachel Dodson Mark Morales Juan Ferreyra Meghan Hetrick Paulina Ganucheau Amancay Nahuelpan

Cover By:

Yanick Paquette Nathan Fairbairn