On behalf of justice, Wonder Woman, the mighty Amazon, has fought many strange villains-from the plant people of Rykornia to the mole men in the land beneath the North Pole! Now Wonder Woman-beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Mercury-clashes with an antagonist exactly like herself, except for a mechanical brain, in the most sensational fight of all time...“Wonder Woman vs. Robot Woman!” Plus, what is the startling crisis that threatens to close the doors of Holliday College, and causes Wonder Woman to search the treacherous ocean bed for a pirate ship sunk three centuries ago? The Amazing Amazon lives a lifetime of thrills every minute in her most sensational adventure...“The Treasure of Capt. Storm.” And finally, have you ever wondered about Wonder Woman's unique plane? Silent, transparent, fleet as the wind, answering its mistress’s spoken commands like an obedient aerial steed, it has thrilled millions! Coveted by the underworld, the Amazonian aircraft has always remained in Wonder Woman’s possession, and she has foiled all efforts to steal it! That is why Wonder Woman is cast in her most desperate adventure, with the odds overwhelmingly against her, in...“The Theft of the Robot Plane.”

Written By: Henry Boltinoff Bob Kanigher Julius Schwartz Martin Naydel Pencils: Harry G. Peter Martin Naydel Bob Oksner John Giunta Inks: Henry Boltinoff Harry G. Peter Martin Naydel Bob Oksner Win Mortimer John Giunta Cover By: Irv Novick