VIGILANTE: SOUTHLAND is a hard-hitting tale of revenge and redemption from acclaimed crime novelist Gary Phillips (PEEPLAND) and artist Elena Casagrande (SUICIDE RISK) that puts an uncompromising, contemporary spin on the classic Marv Wolfman and George Pérez-created character. Donny thought he had it all. A cushy life in L.A. and a brilliant and beautiful girlfriend, Dorrie. While Donny just never seemed to have time for social causes, Dorrie dedicated her life to fighting societal and racial injustice…but crime and corruption have a way of fighting back. Now Dorrie’s dead…and Donny is left behind to take up the battle. It’s the last thing he ever expected, but the more he learns about the shadowy forces that killed the woman he loved, the more determined he is to find justice—by any means necessary. Conspiracies. Corporations. Assassins. Family secrets best left buried. The system can’t stop any of them from taking their bloody toll, but Donny can. All he needs is his fists, his smarts, a little training…and a mask. Because sometimes doing the right thing means breaking the law. He is the Vigilante. How far will he go to set the wrong things right? Collects VIGILANTE: SOUTHLAND issues #1-6, with the first publication of issues #4-6.

Written By:
Gary Phillips
Elena Casagrande
Cover By: