In an origin story, the original members and the new additions get together for the very first time, and we learn what happened to those who didn't make the cut! Also, discover what took place between the end of Arsenal's Titans and the beginning of the Atom's group. Plus: a look at Donna Troy's photo album; bedtime stories for Lian; a 'brush with greatness' with Argent; and profile pages of Titans old and new!

Written By:

Dan Jurgens Marv Wolfman Devin Grayson James M. Faerber John Stokes


Dan Jurgens Adam Hughes Greg Land Jackson Guice Paul Pelletier Georges Jeanty Michael McKone Mark Buckingham Eliot R. Brown Mike Wieringo Joyce Chin Dwayne Turner Tom Raney Rick Mays Bill Marimon


Adam Hughes Sean Parsons Terry Austin Wade von Grawbadger Drew Geraci Jackson Guice Danny Miki Dexter Vines Eliot R. Brown Andy Smith Tim Townsend Kevin Conrad Jason Martin Rick Mays John Stokes Sam Parsons

Cover By:

George Pérez Phil Jimenez Tom Raney