Tom Taylor-the real-life counterpart of his father's famous fictional boy-wizard creation, a living bridge between our reality and the realities of every tale ever told-knows the power of stories only too well. Now he's the star of his most important story yet. It's a quest straight out of King Arthur, filled with black knights, ensorcelled swords, and maidens who are fair to a fault. If his heart is pure and his courage true, he can enter the Chapel Perilous, find the Grail, complete his quest, and save existence as we know it. If not, we are verily screwed. Hark! Storytellers Mike Carey, Peter Gross, and Chris Chuckry approach, singing tales of valor and treachery in THE UNWRITTEN: APOCALYPSE! This final volume in THE UNWRITTEN saga collects issues #6-12.

Written By:

Mike Carey


Peter Gross