An extra-length, guest-star-studded issue concludes the 3-part "This Immortal Coil," capping off THE TITANS' thrilling first year! As the battles with Vandal Savage's villain team, Tartarus, and the malevolent H.I.V.E. heat up, the Titans are at odds...with one another! If they can't pull themselves together the country of Zandia will go up in smoke, along with a roster of heroes that includes Superman, Supergirl, Steel, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the members of Young Justice! Plus: Has Cyborg sold out his teammates in return for his humanity being restored? Has Arsenal chosen Cheshire's safety over that of his teammates? And will Starfire's out-of-control battle-lust consume her before the battle is done? 

Written By:
Devin Grayson
Mark Buckingham
Marlo Alquiza, Wade von Grawbadger
Cover By:
Wade von Grawbadger, Todd Klein, T. Horie, Phil Jimenez, Mark Buckingham