Ten thousand years ago, Morpheus condemned a woman who loved him to Hell. Now the other members of his immortal family, the Endless, have convinced the Dream King that this was an injustice. To make it right, Morpheus must return to Hell to rescue his banished love-and Hell’s ruler, the fallen angel Lucifer, has already sworn to destroy him. Neil Gaiman’s epic continues in The Sandman Book Two, collecting issues #21-37, The Sandman Special #1, and stories from Vertigo: Winter’s Edge #1-3.

Written By:

Matt Wagner Neil Gaiman Peter Hogan Steven T. Seagle


Stan Woch Kelley Jones Matt Wagner Mike Dringenberg


J.G. Jones Dick Giordano P. Craig Russell Malcolm Jones III Stan Woch Shawn McManus Mark Buckingham Dave McKean Duncan Fegredo George Pratt Simon Bisley Sergio Aragones Michael Zulli Kent Williams John Bolton Tom Canty Barry Windsor-Smith

Cover By:

Brian Bolland Dave McKean