Wally West is ready to call it quits. After a tumultuous and traumatic few years from DC Universe: Rebirth to Heroes in Crisis to Dark Nights: Death Metal, the former Kid Flash is ready to walk, not run, away from the superhero life-but Barry Allen needs his former partner now more than ever. This volume collects The Flash #763-771 and The Flash 2021 Annual #1.

Written By: Andy Lanning Ron Marz Kevin Shinick Jeremy Adams Pencils: Clayton Henry Will Conrad Marco Santucci Sami Basri Inks: Clayton Henry Oclair Albert Scott Kolins Bryan Hitch Tom Derenick Jack Herbert Will Conrad Marco Santucci Brandon Peterson Kevin Maguire Sami Basri Max Raynor Darko Lafuente Berat Pekmezci Cover By: Alex Sinclair Clayton Henry Jonathan Glapion Brett Booth Marcelo Maiolo Michael Atiyeh Bernard Chang Brandon Peterson Hicham Habchi - Pyroow Ian MacDonald Zi Xu InHyuk Lee