Writer Dwayne McDuffie was renowned for his ability to craft fantastic tales featuring characters who were heroic, yet still very relatable and human. This volume celebrates the DC work of McDuffie and contains stories curated from Action Comics #847, The Demon #26-29, Impulse #60, JLA Showcase 80-Page Giant #1, Batman: Gotham Knights #27, Sins of Youth: Kid Flash/Impulse #1, and Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #33-35, plus a tribute from Static Shock Special #1.

Written By: Alan Grant Matt Wayne Dwayne McDuffie Pencils: Eric Battle Val Semeiks Gordon Purcell Rich Hedden Inks: Rob Stull Dick Giordano Renato Guedes Bob Smith John Paul Leon Ron Randall Jaime Mendoza Denys Cowan Pop Mhan Denis Rodier Prentis Rollins Tom McWeeney Steve Bird Cover By: Brad Anderson Renato Guedes Terry Austin Todd Klein Ethan Van Sciver T. Horie Pete Woods Patrick Martin Prentis Rollins Jeff Johnson Mike Wieringo Chris Ivy