“Extremely enjoyable… not just another super origin story.” —Comicosity “A scorching tale about people stuck in a part of the world that’s rarely shown in superhero comics.” —CBR WITH GREAT POWER...COMES A TERRIBLE CURSE! Nothing ever happens in the small town of York least, not since the coal mines and factories left. It’s a dead end for Joe Chamberlain, but he’s determined not to let it become one for his sister Annie. All Joe wants is to give York Hills a new lease on life and make it a place worth living for Annie—and he’d give everything he has to make it happen. And that’s exactly what the mysterious stranger known as the Salesman is looking for: someone willing to give everything. Joe has always felt powerless, but the Salesman gives him incredible an incredible cost. Now Joe is cursed to become Brimstone, and the fire that burns within him can’t be contained. It may be too late for Joe to save York Hills, but Joe isn’t the only person desperate enough to have bought the Salesman’s pitch. Now Brimstone has a new mission: to track the Salesman across the forgotten pathways of America and make him burn before he can ruin any more lives. But can Joe really use the power of Brimstone to become a hero...or is he cursed to destroy everything he touches? Philip Tan (Suicide Squad) and Justin Jordan (Sideways) blaze an astonishing new path forward from Dark Nights: Metal for this collection that brings together The Curse of Brimstone #1-6.

Written By: Justin Jordan Pencils: Philip Tan