While Batman is on the trail of the elusive crime lord known as the Collector, Black Canary has come to Earth-One from Earth-Two, and has sought out the Earth-One counterpart of her husband, Larry Lance. Warned by Batman that the Larry Lance of Earth-One is not as good-hearted as her late husband of Earth-Two, Black Canary pursues a relationship with Larry. The two heroes get caught up in the Collector's scheme to see Batman killed; in the final battle, Larry is revealed to be the Collector and he is stabbed by his own knife and dies. Afterward, Batman encourages Black Canary to make a life for herself on Earth-One, and assures her that she has Batman as a friend and ally.

Written By:

Marv Wolfman Bob Haney


Nick Cardy


Nick Cardy

Cover By:

Nick Cardy