When Bruce Wayne is called to the Gotham Museum to see the statue of the Archangel Gabriel smuggled out of Nazi-occupied France during World War II, because a man with a German accent called to claim it, Bruce informs him that the real statue is still in France and the one in Gotham is a fake. They are then attacked by a man Bruce recognizes as Von Stauffen. Bruce then recalls back to a day during World War II when he was in London and his friend, a British spy named Digby, is killed in a bombing and so Bruce covered his mission for the British forces. Traveling into Nazi-occupied France, Bruce meets up with Sgt. Rock and Easy Company along the way. Investigating a strange amount of wine coming out of Chateaurouge, Bruce learns that it's occupied by Nazis led by Von Stauffen. As a spy, Bruce is unable to learn what the secret is behind the wine, so he tries as Batman and comes to blows, again, with Rock and Easy Company, who happen to be in the area.

Written By:

Bob Haney


Neal Adams


Neal Adams Joe Kubert

Cover By:

Neal Adams