While Batman is otherwise busy stopping crooks making off with an armored truck, the evil Copperhead has disguised himself as a poor man in order to get close to a visiting monarch and steal her tiara. When Batman finally tries to stop Copperhead he is too late! With his reputation on the line, Batman vows to somehow deal with Copperhead. Devising a plan, Batman sets up an electronic beam alarm to protect the Golden Casque of Montezuma. However, as he is setting this up, both Wonder Woman and Batgirl appear over the city writing messages of love to Batman before getting into a scrap over who is worthy of the Caped Crusader’s affections. They both agree to a contest to decide which of the two are worthy of Batman's love; As the event is televised, Copperhead figures this is the best time to strike.

Written By:
Fred Ray, Bob Haney
Fred Ray, Bob Brown
Fred Ray, Bob Brown
Cover By:
Bob Brown