Bruce Wayne hires some gangsters to help rescue people trapped by the earthquake. Ra's al Ghul tries to determine the best way to take advantage of the earthquake while the Penguin tries to take advantage of the earthquake by winning favors from trapped victims. Robin helps rescue a person trapped under some rubble; and some crooked cops who try to turn in Two-Face to the police have the tables turned on them. 'Cataclysm' part 10.

Written By:
Kelley Puckett, Rick Burchett, Devin Grayson, Klaus Janson, Chris Renaud
Rick Burchett, Marcos Martin, Klaus Janson, Alex Maleev, Chris Renaud, Mark Martin
Bob McLeod, Rick Burchett, Bill Sienkiewicz, Klaus Janson, Alex Maleev, Vince Giarrano
Cover By:
Mark Buckingham, Scott McDaniel