The original New Teen Titans have reteamed and formed Titans Academy to teach the next generation of super-powered teens…if the students can survive the training. When an entire town in upstate New York turns on the students of Titans Academy while the adult Titans are on a mission, Gorilla Gregg, Chupacabra, and the other new students find themselves fighting for their lives against a chaotic mob. But is there something more than just intolerance driving the town’s madness? This is just the beginning of trouble for the new Titans Academy students! Collecting Teen Titans Academy #6-12.

Written By:

Tim Sheridan


Tom Derenick Rafa Sandoval Mike Norton Brent Peeples


Tom Derenick Jordi Tarragona Mike Norton Brent Peeples

Cover By:

Alex Sinclair Todd Nauck Jeremiah Skipper Alejandro Sanchez Tom Derenick Daniel Henriques Rafa Sandoval Philip Tan Steve Lieber Kelly Fitzpatrick Marissa Louise Sebastian Cheng Fico Ossio Matt Herms Pamela Hoogeboom Dan Schoening