Deadly assassin Calvin Rose seeks redemption and his freedom from the Court of Owls in this collection from Batman mastermind James Tynion IV and his collaborator Guillem March-springing forward from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s instant-classic story line “The Court of Owls”! Collects Talon #0-17 and Birds of Prey #21.

Written By: Scott Snyder James Tynion IV Christy Marx Pencils: Guillem March Juan Jose Ryp Miguel Sepulveda Romano Molenaar Inks: Jonathan Glapion Guillem March Vicente Cifuentes Szymon Kudranski Miguel Sepulveda Emanuel Simeoni Jorge Lucas Cover By: Ken Lashley Guillem March Tomeu Morey Hi-Fi Vicente Cifuentes Brett Smith Andy Clarke Chris Sotomayor Trevor McCarthy Miguel Sepulveda Rain Beredo Romano Molenaar Alex Garner Emanuel Simeoni Mike Choi Ken Hunt Billy Tucci