Witness the rise of the Machine Kingdom and the end of the Green as you know it in this heart-pounding collection from creators Charles Soule (SUPERMAN: DOOMED) and Jesus Saiz (GREEN LANTERN: LOST ARMY). A new Kingdom has emerged-a new form of life to stand alongside the animals of the Red and the fungi of the Grey. As the Avatar of the Green and all plant life on Earth, Swamp Thing is keenly interested in what this new Kingdom-the artificial intelligence of the Machine-might want. Unfortunately, what the Machine wants is to run the Green-or else destroy it completely! Now, war is declared and sides are drawn. As the Machine creates its own human avatar and forms alliances with some of the Green’s deadliest enemies, Swamp Thing must turn to the person he trusts most-who happens to be the one person who can do the most harm to him: Abigail Arcane, his true love and Avatar of the Rot. Collects SWAMP THING #35-40, SWAMP THING ANNUAL #3 and SWAMP THING: FUTURES END #1

Written By:

Charles Soule


Jesus Saiz Javier Pina