The Parliament of Trees has been destroyed, and now Alec Holland must be the protector of the Green as well as its avatar. It’s almost too much for Swamp Thing to handle. Fortunately, at just the right moment, the Sureen appear to him. An ancient order dedicated to serving avatars, the Sureen wish to devote their lives to helping Swamp Thing in any way they can. They can even offer him the thing he most wishes for in the world: the ability to become human again, if only for a little while. But when has getting your heart’s fondest wish ever come without a price to pay? In SWAMP THING: THE SUREEN, red-hot writer Charles Soule (RED LANTERNS) and artists Jesus Saiz (BIRDS OF PREY) and Javier Piña (MANHUNTER) put Swamp Thing through dramatic—and permanent?—changes! Collects issues #28-34 and pages from AQUAMAN #31.

Written By: Charles Soule Pencils: Jesus Saiz