The final chapter in the critically acclaimed, best-selling New Krypton storyline that began in the SUPERMAN family of comic book titles in 2008, written by James Robinson (STARMAN) and Sterling Gates (SUPERGIRL). A war is coming, and all that stands between Earth and 100,000 vengeful supermen is one Superman! The storyline the SUPERMAN books have been building to since 2008 has arrived. The Man of Steel must stop the two worlds he loves from destroying each other, while General Sam Lane and all of Earth’s heroes make one last stand against General Zod and his army of super-powered Kryptonians. The fate of two worlds will be decided here. In the end, can Superman save either? Collects WAR OF THE SUPERMEN #1-4 and SUPERMAN #700.

Written By:

James Robinson Sterling Gates


Eddy Barrows Eduardo Pansica Gary Frank Ethan Van Sciver CAFU David Finch Bernard Chang Diogenes Neves Aaron Lopresti Jamal Igle Julian Lopez