“THE TERROR BEYOND TWILIGHT!” General Zod and his allies toss Supergirl into the disintegration pit and leave, but Supergirl barely saves herself by reviving in time and digging her fingers into the side of the pit’s wall, then drags herself out of the pit and collapses. Meanwhile, Superman and Charlie Kweskill penetrate various lower (or higher) levels of the Phantom Zone, encountering an alternating yellow-and-red sun (which Superman had once seen while racing with the Flash), battling monsters and encountering weird “Priestesses of the Crimson Sun.” Finally, they meet Thul-Kar, a Kryptonian wizard, who tells them he believed Jor-El’s prophecy of Krypton’s doom and entered the Phantom Zone by magic.

Written By:
Steve Gerber
Gene Colan
Tony DeZuniga
Cover By:
Dick Giordano, Gene Colan