"Our Worlds at War," Part 9. A sizzling special reveals the secrets behind the war that will shake the DC Universe! Learn how the destructive force known as Imperiex began to wreak havoc on untold numbers of worlds and discover the menace of the Earthbound despot known as General. Plus, the D.E.O.'s Agent Chase explores Earth's readiness for battle and Profile Pages focus on Earth's allies and enemies, as well as the incredible technology that will be used in the fight for survival.

Written By: Marv Wolfman J.H. Williams III Scott Beatty Jeph Loeb Joe Kelly D.C. Johnson Charles Kim Eddie Berganza Pencils: Yanick Paquette Doug Mahnke Paul Ryan Ariel Olivetti Duncan Rouleau Yvel Guichet Dale Keown Alberto Saichan Inks: Doug Mahnke Paul Ryan Mick Gray Ray Snyder Ariel Olivetti Dexter Vines Walden Wong Duncan Rouleau Randy Emberlin Dale Keown Alberto Saichan Cover By: Cam Smith Ed McGuinness