LET THE TRIALS BEGIN! Superman is on a quest to restore his full power, and to do it he’ll need to survive a gauntlet deep in the heart of Warworld. Meanwhile, Steel uses her mastery of Genesis energy to create a white sun…but will this burst of power be enough to vanquish Mongul once and for all? As the mystery villain lurking in the depths is at last revealed, Kal-El will need to overthrow Mongul’s empire and save the Phaelosian race from total annihilation! Collects Action Comics #1043-1046, Action Comics 2022 Annual #1, and Superman: Warworld Apocalypse #1.

Written By: Phillip Kennedy Johnson Pencils: Will Conrad David Lapham Riccardo Federici Brent Peeples Inks: Will Conrad Miguel Mendonca David Lapham Brandon Peterson Riccardo Federici Brent Peeples Max Raynor Fico Ossio Cover By: Brad Anderson Dale Eaglesham Steve Beach Lucio Parrillo