Written by award-winning authors Sterling Gates and Greg Rucka, Supergirl Vol. 5: The Hunt for Reactron sees Kara Zor-El finally coming face-to-face with the man who murdered her father: Reactron! It's the end of the road! The violent escalation of Supergirl and Flamebird's blood feud! Kara's first encounter with Nightwing! And the conclusion of Supergirl's hunt for the man who killed her father, Zor-El...Reactron! Everything comes to head in this classic collection of Rucka and Gates' epic run in Supergirl Vol. 5: The Hunt for Reactron. Collects Action Comics #881-882, Supergirl #44-50, Supergirl Annual #1 and pages from Superman: Secret Files 2009.

Written By: Greg Rucka Sterling Gates Pencils: Matt Camp Pere Perez Jamal Igle