Linda Danvers—a.k.a. Supergirl, Leesburg’s super heroine—is about to face her toughest missions yet. Supergirl travels to Thailand to rescue a group of young women being trafficked. But when she leads the girls in a harrowing escape, she unwittingly influences them to kill their captors! It’s up to Supergirl to use her powers as an Earth Angel to stop the violence and restore peace to the nation. Then, Supergirl must tangle with some of her most powerful foes, including the seemingly indestructible Parasite and Murmur, the gryphon-riding, golden lance-wielding supervillain. Plus, Supergirl teams up with the teen crime fighters of Young Justice to take down a maniacal tyrant hell-bent on overrunning the Earth with demons! Supergirl’s journey continues in these classic stories by critically acclaimed writer Peter David (Aquaman, Young Justice), featuring the art of Leonard Kirk (JSA, Fantastic Four), Robin Riggs (Birds of Prey, Green Arrow) and others. Collects Supergirl #32-43 and Young Justice #12-13.

Written By:

Peter David


Leonard Kirk Sean Phillips Jason Orfalas