Spinning out of the pages of “Reign of the Supermen,” witness the rise of John Henry Irons from humble engineer to soaring superhero in this 30-year retrospective collecting tales from The Adventures of Superman #500; Superman: The Man of Steel #22, #100, #122; Steel (vol. 1) #1, #34; JLA #17; Justice League Unlimited #35; Steel (vol. 2) #1; Suicide Squad #24; Action Comics #4; Convergence: Superman: Man of Steel #1-2; and The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1.

Written By:

Jon Bogdanove Jerry Ordway Priest Louise Simonson


Dan Jurgens Jackson Guice Jon Bogdanove Tom Grummett


Tom Nguyen Rick Bryant Sean Parsons Jay David Ramos Brett Breeding Patch Zircher Ande Parks Mark Pennington Tom Palmer Ed Benes Dennis Janke Doug Hazlewood Denis Rodier Rich Faber David Meikis Roy Richardson Kevin Conrad Al Nickerson

Cover By:

Ian Hannin Tom Nguyen Rags Morales Brad Anderson John Dell Howard Porter Dave McCaig Doug Mahnke Dave Johnson T. Horie Jon Bogdanove John Cassaday Dennis Janke Tom Grummett Doug Hazlewood Jason Pearson Jason Keith Steve Skroce Alex Garner Walt Simonson David Tanguay Zach Howard Richard Starkings & Comicraft