The fight for the universe comes to a climax in this penultimate chapter of the Smallville saga! Lois Lane’s newest assignment for The Daily Planet takes her to the Antarctic headquarters of the Holt/Kord Supercollider Project; but unbeknownst to Lois, Kord Industries has a new last-second investor-and Lex Luthor always has an ulterior motive. When the facility is sabotaged, the supercollider causes a bleed in the multiverse itself, stranding Lois-along with Superman-on a parallel Earth! While Chloe, Oliver and their allies at the Department of Extranormal Operations try to figure out how to get their friends back home, a new mystical threat is laying siege to Metropolis. A supernatural infection is causing violence and destruction across the city, but, luckily for the team in the Watchtower, Superman isn’t the only superhero keeping watch. Even as Clark and Lois battle Monitors across the Multiverse and heroes from all over Earth unite to fight for their home, in the end, it still may not be enough. Because the Crisis isn’t just coming-it’s here. Writer Bryan Q. Miller (TV’s Smallville) and artists including Agustin Padilla (GREEN ARROW) and Daniel HDR (CYBORG) bring you SMALLVILLE SEASON ELEVEN VOL. 8: CHAOS, collecting SMALLVILLE SEASON ELEVEN: CHAOS #1-4 and SMALLVILLE SEASON ELEVEN SPECIAL #5: HARBINGER.

Written By:

Daniel HDR Bryan Q. Miller


Daniel HDR