Black Canary, Oracle, and Lois Lane team up to shatter a slavery ring operating in Metropolis, run by a metahuman crime lord in a story by Jordan B. Gorfinkel, with art by Jennifer Graves and Rick Burchett. Plus, Lightray of the New Gods gets the shock of his immortal life when he finds a church devoted to him on the planet Earth. This story is written by Scott Ciencin, with art by Alex Morrisey and Brian Garvey. And, Deadman experiences the terrors of the life...on death row!

Written By:
Jordan B. Gorfinkel, Jamie Delano, Scott Ciencin
Wade von Grawbadger, Jennifer Graves, J. Alex Morrissey
Wade von Grawbadger, Stan Woch, Brian Garvey, Ken Bruzenak
Cover By:
Gary Frank, John Nyberg