In these action-packed 1970s tales, American martial artist Richard Dragon crisscrosses the globe for the cause of justice. Along the way, he runs across slavery rings, a madman who has possession of an atomic bomb, the monstrous Preying Mantis, the mysterious Dr. Moon, and much more. Collects Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter #1-18, The Brave and the Bold #132, and DC Comics Presents #39.

Written By: Dennis O'Neil Bob Haney Mike W. Barr David Anthony Kraft Pencils: Jack Kirby Jim Starlin Alan Weiss Leo Duranona Inks: Vince Colletta Jim Aparo Frank Giacoia Wally Wood Al Milgrom Jack Abel D. Bruce Berry Jan Duursema Leo Duranona Ric Estrada William Wray Cover By: Dick Giordano Vince Colletta Jim Starlin Hi-Fi Alan Weiss Al Milgrom Jack Abel Ernie Chan Ric Estrada Richard J. Buckler Jim Aparo, Sr.