In these action-packed 1970s tales, American martial artist Richard Dragon crisscrosses the globe for the cause of justice. Along the way, he runs across slavery rings, a madman who has possession of an atomic bomb, the monstrous Preying Mantis, the mysterious Dr. Moon, and much more. Collects Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter #1-18, The Brave and the Bold #132, and DC Comics Presents #39.

Written By:
Dennis O'Neil, Bob Haney, Mike W. Barr, David Anthony Kraft
Jack Kirby, Jim Starlin, Alan Weiss, Leo Duranona
Vince Colletta, Jim Aparo, Frank Giacoia, Wally Wood, Al Milgrom, Jack Abel, D. Bruce Berry, Jan Duursema, Leo Duranona, Ric Estrada, William Wray
Cover By:
Dick Giordano, Vince Colletta, Jim Starlin, Hi-Fi, Alan Weiss, Al Milgrom, Jack Abel, Ernie Chan, Ric Estrada, Richard J. Buckler, Jim Aparo, Sr.