After lying entombed in a subterranean prison for 2,000 years, the Celtic demigod known as Thorn has finally escaped-thanks to the power hidden in a determined young artist named Isla Mackintosh. Now the tremors from his supernatural jailbreak are shaking the British Isles from Glasgow to London-and breaking down the barriers between this world and the Otherworld beyond. Long-forgotten gods and monsters once more roam the land, wreaking havoc on everything they can sink their talons into-including a contentious general election featuring politicians even more two-faced than usual. But the forces that have invited Thorn’s wrath have plans of their own-subtle designs woven around Isla and her missing sister, whose murder 25 years ago set everything in motion. Will Thorn’s carefully plotted coup succeed against them? Or will Scotland and the rest of the mortal realm sink into a new dark (and bloody) age? Writer David Baillie and artist Meghan Hetrick bring their masterful modern fantasy to its transformative conclusion in RED THORN VOL. 2: MAD GODS AND SCOTSMEN, collecting issues #8-13 of the acclaimed Vertigo series and featuring a special sketchbook section from Hetrick.

Written By:

David Baillie


Meghan Hetrick Ryan Kelly