The JLA's wackiest warrior takes center stage in his own hilarious extra-length special, written by Ty Templeton (BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES)! In "Plastic Fantastic" (with art by Aaron Lopresti), our star is transformed into a pop icon courtesy of his super-popular basketball-shoe commercial! Then, in "The Secreted Origin of Woozy Winks" (with art by Dev Madan and Claude St. Aubin), discover the origins of Plastic Man and Woozy, their past adventures as (sort of) super-spies and the disgusting reason why Mr. Winks is so woozy! Finally, Plas stars in the ultimate crowd-pleasing saga that combines every mega-crossover comic you've ever seen-in eight pages!

Written By: Ty Templeton Pencils: Rick Burchett Dev Madan Aaron Lopresti Richard Pace Inks: Ty Templeton Walden Wong Aaron Lopresti Claude St. Aubin Cover By: Ty Templeton Todd Klein