A retelling of Dick Grayson's origin tale—from his early days as Robin to taking on the title of Nightwing—offering hints of where the Nightwing name came from! Also: Nightwing and Oracle discuss Dick Grayson's lost loves, a 'lost pages' sequence focusing on the Teen Titans, and more!

Written By:

Chuck Dixon Devin Grayson Scott Peterson


Gene Ha Damion Scott Greg Land Brian Stelfreeze Jackson Guice Dale Eaglesham John Floyd Phil Jimenez Eliot R. Brown Scott McDaniel Graham Nolan William Rosado Andy Kuhn


Sean Parsons Drew Geraci Karl Story Brian Stelfreeze Jackson Guice John Floyd Robert Campanella Klaus Janson Phil Jimenez Danny Miki Eliot R. Brown Graham Nolan Mark McKenna William Rosado Andy Kuhn Hector Collazo

Cover By:

Karl Story Digital Chameleon Scott McDaniel