Marv Wolfman’s legendary run on The New Teen Titans continues in this collection of late ’80s adventures. In this volume, the team joins forces with Infinity, Inc., and must clear the name of a teammate who is framed for murder! Collects The New Teen Titans #32-40, The New Teen Titans Annual #3, and Infinity, Inc. #45.

Written By:
Marv Wolfman, Paul Levitz, Roy Thomas
Eduardo Barreto, Erik Larsen, Pat Broderick, Mike Collins
Romeo Tanghal, Pablo Marcos, Mike Gustovich
Cover By:
Dick Giordano, Gaspar Saladino, Mike DeCarlo, Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal, Ed Hannigan, Pat Broderick, Joe Orlando, Les Dorscheid, J.J. Birch, Mike Gustovich, Mitch O'Connell