In May of 2022, 12 writers and 12 artists came to DC headquarters to hone their skills with some of the best comics creators in the business, and one year later, we’re showing the results of the cohort’s hard work! This special showcases all 12 stories created out of the Ally-sponsored Milestone Initiative…If you don’t grab a copy, you’ll be missing some of the first published work of the stars of the future!

Written By:

Cheryl Lynn Eaton Ashley Allen Jarred Luján Gregory Burnham


Atagun Ilhan Yasmin Flores Montanez Kameron White Art of MAS


Scott Hanna Wade von Grawbadger Livesay Dexter Vines Le Beau Underwood Jose Marzan Jr. Walden Wong Anthony Fowler Jr. Roberto Poggi

Cover By:

Chris Sotomayor Denys Cowan