Legion of Super Heroes Secret Files (1997-) #2

“UNKNOWN POINT OF ORIGIN.” En route to a United Planets function, Legionnaires Brainiac 5.1, Live Wire, Thunder, Sensor, Karate Kid, Monstress, Ferro and Kid Quantum crash-land on an unstable planetoid inhabited by strange beasts who don’t welcome their company. If the stranded Legionnaires can’t find a way to contact their teammates, the planetoid will explode! Even worse, it may only be a prelude to an even greater threat to the Legion’s future!

Written By:
Andy Lanning, Dan Abnett
Cully Hamner, Matt Haley, Derec Donovan, Scott Kolins, Phil Jimenez, Sean Phillips, Chuck Wojtkiewicz, Jeff Moy, Dusty Abell, Kilian Plunkett, Greg Luzniak
Andy Lanning, Keith Champagne, Cully Hamner, Dan Davis, Mark Pennington, Al Gordon, Phil Jimenez, Dexter Vines, Philip Moy, Sean Phillips, Jeff Moy, Tom Simmons, Kilian Plunkett, W.C. Carani, Norman Lee
Cover By:
Digital Chameleon, Al Gordon, Chris Sprouse