Experience the Legionnaires’ far-flung adventures leading up to the Great Darkness Saga in this follow-up collection of action-packed episodes from acclaimed talents Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas, Paul Levitz, Jim Janes, Steve Ditko, and more! This second and final volume collects The Legion of Super-Heroes #272-283, DC Special Series #21, and The Best of DC: Blue Ribbon Digest #24.

Written By:
Paul Levitz, Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas
Carmine Infantino, Howard Bender, Steve Ditko, Jimmy Janes
Dick Giordano, Rodin Rodriguez, Frank Chiaramonte, Bruce D. Patterson
Cover By:
George Pérez, Dick Giordano, Jim Aparo, Bob Smith, Steve Mitchell, Ernie Colon, Dave Cockrum, Bruce D. Patterson, Jimmy Janes, Richard J. Buckler, Gaspar Saladino, Sr.