Get ready for four fantastic stories in this LEGENDS OF TOMORROW ANTHOLOGY! First, Metamorpho and Sapphire are transported to a familiar war-torn planet—and the alien criminal Kanjar Ro isn’t too far behind. Then, Ronnie and Stein are back together as Firestorm in this all-out action fight issue! Next, when an ex from Wonder Woman’s past threatens to expose their relationship on daytime television, Sugar & Spike are on the case. Finally, the Metal Men face off against a threat who might make them lose their breath and their chance for escape—and General Scaletti begins her own plan to capture them.

Written By:

Len Wein Keith Giffen Gerry Conway Aaron Lopresti


Eduardo Pansica Yildiray Cinar Bilquis Evely Aaron Lopresti


Jonathan Glapion Rob Hunter Bilquis Evely John Trevor Scott

Cover By:

Kevin Nowlan