Legends of the DC Universe #14

Jimmy Olsen, Superman and the Guardian star in an extra-sized issue based on an unpublished plot by Jack Kirby, scripted by Mark Evanier and pencilled by Steve Rude (WORLD'S FINEST)! Investigating a rash of appearances by strange creatures all over Metropolis, eager young cub reporter Jimmy Olsen uncovers an insidious plot by Simyan and Mokkari. The freakish foes have planted a device in the Daily Planet globe that will devolve all the world's inhabitants into mindless beasts of burden...for Darkseid! And while Superman and the Guardian battle the monsters, it's up to Jimmy to reach the Planet globe in time to stop... the 'American Evolution.'

Written By:
Mark Evanier
Steve Rude
Bill Reinhold
Cover By:
Steve Rude