As the Lazarus rain beats down upon planet Earth, human beings are only a fraction of those affected by this transformative upheaval-enter: We Once Were Gods. This series of vignettes explores Lazarus Planet’s effects across the many extraordinary locations and creatures in the DC Universe, and like their human counterparts, these beings are in for some big changes. Can Themyscira survive the resurrection of every invading army that ever graced its shores? Will Martian Manhunter survive a psychic link to a Doomsday nest? What happens when the monsters from the Trench gain the ability to breathe air? And look out, Shazam Family…the Rock of Eternity is about to get rocked.

Written By: Francis Manapul Phillip Kennedy Johnson Dan Watters Josie Campbell Pencils: Francis Manapul Jack Herbert Max Dunbar Caitlin Yarsky Inks: Francis Manapul Jack Herbert Max Dunbar Caitlin Yarsky Cover By: Alejandro Sanchez David Marquez