JLQ kicks off its third year with three bold new stories. In the lead feature, a new look is introduced for an original JLA foe as the new Amazo rampages through Manhattan, demanding his revenge against the JLA. But since they are out of town, it's up to the new Conglomerate to stop him. Plus, Praxis continues to follow the twisted trail of a serial killer sorcerer, but with time running out and the bodies piling up, Praxis may have to risk using his own terrifying magic to resolve this mess. Concluding the stories, Dr. Light and Ice go "On the Road," but their desert vacation is plagued by continuous misfortune.

Written By: Mark Waid Michael Jan Friedman Kim Fryer Pencils: Tony Daniel Mike Wieringo Mike Mayhew Inks: Dan Davis Frank Percy Ken Branch Mike Christian Cover By: Ken Branch Dan Rodriguez