The 1960s witnessed dramatic changes in American popular culture. The worried, conservative patterns of the 1950s had failed to feed the imagination of the American public, who demanded new ideas about politics, themselves and the world in which they lived. The comic books of the 1960s found new ways to excite the imagination, using superheroes for more than action and adventure. The colorful costumed characters of the DC Universe soon found themselves in the wild world of “speculative fiction.” Enter the Justice League of America. These mind-altering stories turned the Justice League of America into the legends of the DC Universe that they are today and are gathered for the first time in this expansive collection. JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE SILVER AGE VOL. 2 completes the famed super-team’s Silver Age exploits from MYSTERY OF SPACE #75 and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #31-76, and includes a forward by Dennis O’Neil and an afterward by William Schelly.

Written By: Gardner Fox Pencils: Mike Sekowsky Bernard Sachs